Urging Freshness

Starting a blog, certainly not something I ever saw myself doing. But here I am. Sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville, fussing with WordPress and brainstorming post ideas.

At first, the thought of me doing this seems strange, but if I’m honest with myself, there are many elements of myself that are coming together to make this happen.

I love to write. It’s not an activity I’ll bring up if you ask me about my hobbies, but it’s a passion that’s been patiently waiting years for me to return to.

Reminiscent of some other passions I have, I turned my back on writing. It’s a strange phenomenon. Here’s an outlet that I honed and worked hard to develop. I even utilized it to ride out a Bachelors degree in Journalism. And yet, I abandoned it.

Fortunately, in my experience, passions can’t simply be snuffed out. Even if you’re not shining a light on them, they are there. Patiently waiting to reemerge.

Sometimes I would see a spark. Something as routine as writing a card would briefly awaken the dormant passion. One particular occasion was when I received a snail mail notebook from a good friend. The first page had listed the addresses of old friends. Awesome people who I grew up with. Some of whom I kept in touch with, others, for no particular reason, not so much.

I was the first recipient of the wonderful little book. I wrote a message that took up two or three pages.  Mental sparks started flying and a stream of consciousness flowed out of my head. It was the bliss of my creativity shaking the dust off.

After I mailed the book to the next name on the list I came to the conclusion I needed to write more. So that’s what I’m doing.

It’s time to acknowledge the creative outlet and embrace it.